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Herb Cross and Iain Paton Scholarships

The applicant should submit a letter that includes the following:

-Name, Parents Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address
-Colleges you are applying to and possible major
-Your GPA and ACT and/or SAT scores if known
-List of extracurricular and/or volunteer activities
-Employment information during high school and job description, if any
-A paragraph of a personal statement on how you are involved with the Scottish cultural activities in KC  

We also require a copy of your high school transcript sent directly from your school.

The scholarship committee considers these criteria when awarding the $1,000 scholarship.
1. Member or close relative of a Society member or a member of an organization closely associated with the Society ie. Highland Dancers, Band, Games
2. Beginning college student given preference over those further advanced
3. Grades during high school are important
4. Extracurricular activities
5. A person will be accepted for a scholarship only once
6. Prior applicants may reapply if they have been turned down once
7. Financial need will be a new consideration

For any questions and information regarding submitting your application, please contact Iain McKee,

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